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When it comes to enjoying blackjack online, Canadian players are in the driving seat. Not only do today's top blackjack casinos offer classic table 21, they also take advantage of the online platform and bring you exciting and innovative new ways to play blackjack for real money.

So if you thought you knew Blackjack, think again. These new game titles, available exclusively in online casinos, are turning the traditional table card game on its head. Like in our top rated online blackjack casino for Canadians for May 2024, JackpotCity.

In this guide to blackjack variations for Canadian online casino players we'll bring you:

  • Our top recommendations for the best real money blackjack action
  • Where to find the best online casino blackjack game to suit you
  • What to look for when deciding on a top blackjack casino in 2024

The Best Online Blackjack Variations

Bored with playing one hand of blackjack at a time? Trying to clear a wagering requirement? Then give Multi-Hand a try. Multi-Hand Blackjack allows players to bet on up to five hands at once, and the game often comes in different variations of Blackjack. Picking the right variant of Multi-Hand is important to make sure the odds are in your favour but it's the all-action game that Canadian players are flocking to online. Find out more about Multi-Hand Blackjack.

  • Atlantic City

    Similar in style to European and American blackjack, Atlantic City pays out 2/3, allowing players to use special splits and rules like insurance and surrender.

  • Blackjack Switch

    This blackjack variation lets players play not one, but two hands simultaneously, and swap the top cards of each hand to form two new hands.

  • Double Attack

    Double Attack lets Canadians make side bets alongside their main bet, with insurance and even money options available to spice up the action even more.

  • Double Exposure

    Double Exposure gives players a massive advantage against the house from the get go as in this version of blackjack both the dealer's cards are dealt face-up.

  • European

    Played with an incredible 8 decks, European blackjack forfeits the surrender option and restricts what the dealer is able to do in the game.

  • Multi-Hand Blackjack

    Letting you play up to 6 hands at a time, Multi-Deck blackjack is a great option for real money Canadian players looking to increase their winnings quickly.

  • Pontoon

    Grandma's favourite game, just with a little contemporary twist. In online Pontoon, extra payouts are awarded for certain hands and side bets.

  • Spanish 21

    Played without the 10 cards in the deck, Spanish 21 offers the lowest house edge of any blackjack variant and offers unique payouts not found in other games.

  • Super Fun 21

    Bonus payouts and late surrenders reward certain hands in this fun and furious version of online blackjack, which can be played with 1-6 decks at a time.

Finding The Best Game For You

Double Attack Blackjack Online

With so many incredible real money online blackjack variations on offer you might feel like a rabbit caught in headlights when it comes to knowing where to start. But don't let the details of the games distract you or keep you from making a decision. When it comes to playing the best blackjack online, it's the casino sites themselves you should be focussing on first and foremost.

Find a great online casino to play at, and the rest will all fall magically into place. Here's what you need to look out for when it comes to choosing a top online blackjack casino in 2024.

Is the casino the real deal? - Whenever you're looking at a new online casino to sign up to it's imperative that the casino is a legitimate site. If it's the real deal, it will have a licence and be registered with a recognised gambling association and a financial conduct organisation. These details should be displayed proudly on the site so if you can't see this info listed, chances are the casino can't be trusted and you should avoid signing up to it.

Does it accept Canadian Dollars? - Before you register to a new online blackjack casino in 2024 be sure to visit the cashier page and read up on the T&C's around accepted currencies and payment methods. The best casinos offering online blackjack in Canada, should all accept payments in Canadian dollars as standard.

Can you contact the casino from Canada? - Having a responsive customer service team that can be contacted in multiple ways, and in a variety of languages, is a mark of a great online casino. When you're considering which top blackjack casino make sure the casino is contactable 24/7 and speaks your language.

Is the payout percentage good? - Every reputable casino will advertise their payout percentage on their website, in fact, they're required to do so according to gambling law. So be sure to have a quick look at the casino's payout percentage before you commit your cash. If a casino has a low payout percentage, or if it refuses to publish it altogether, then you'd do well to stay away from it.

Free Cash: The Best Bonuses in Canada

European Blackjack Online

Another indicator that you're playing at a top online blackjack casino is the reward incentives and welcome bonuses offered to new and existing players. Bonuses are just one way that online casinos compete to draw in new players and retain their member's loyalty. And when it comes to online blackjack there are some great bonus offers on the virtual casino table for real money players to swoop in and take advantage of.

Redemption clauses and terms around bonuses can differ greatly from one top casino to the next online. So use this quick reference checklist as a guide to make sure when it comes to bonuses you benefit from the best deal.

Deposit Requirements

Although some casinos do offer deposit free bonuses the majority will require you to put in a little cash upfront before handing over any free cash for you to play with. Make sure you know what the threshold is for you to be entitled to any advertised bonuses. The best bonus offers reward players with a big sum of cash, for little or no deposit on your part.

Time Constraints

Some online casinos may limit the amount of time you have to use up your bonus cash. To avoid losing out on any free bonus money make sure you're aware of how long you have to use your bonus cash up.

Withdrawal Conditions

Any money you win while playing with your free bonus cash is technically yours for the taking, but it's not unusual for an online casino to put in a clause around withdrawal of bonus wins. In some cases you may be required to withdraw the money in instalments over a set period of time, or you may be required to make another real cash deposit before you can make your first real cash withdrawal.

Staggered Bonuses

Some bonuses may be awarded to you in stages rather than handing over the entire lump sum. This can also sometimes be subject to further deposits on your part. To avoid any confusion make sure you carefully read the terms and conditions when it comes to redeeming blackjack casino bonuses before you part ways with any cash

Play Today At Top Online Blackjack Sites

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