Best Real Money Online Blackjack Casinos in 2024

Playing online blackjack for real money in the privacy of your own home is the easiest, safest and most convenient way to experience the game! Use the list below to find the highest-rated online casinos for blackjack. They’ve each been individually checked & tested to be fair and legal in Canada.

The Top Real Money Online Blackjack Sites In 2024

How We Rank

Our dedicated team have carefully rated and reviewed sites on a variety of factors:

  • Bonuses & Promotions
  • Quality of Games
  • Fast Payouts
  • Security & Reliability

Real money online blackjack players today have it easier than ever. The emergence and prevalence of online blackjack games allow players to compete at any time of the day or night for any amount of real money they desire. Whether you play for pennies or life-changing money, the turn of a card is only a mouse-click away, as online blackjack for real money waits at your fingertips through the power of the Internet.

How Do I Play Blackjack For Real Money?

Winning real money in online blackjack is a centuries-old tradition, whether it was for a few cents or some crisp dollar bills. Early Canadians played in gambling establishments for the thrill of the game, and it became a beloved pastime. Today, players can log on to the Internet from a computer, tablet, or phone, and compete for the stakes they desire for one hands or hours of play. The customers now call the shots, and online blackjack websites cater to those customers by providing game options around the clock. The Internet never closes, and neither does the opportunity to play online blackjack and win real money.

Is that possible? Anything is possible when it comes to blackjack. The famous MIT Blackjack Team of college students and graduates were highly educated, but they also employed some basic card counting strategies that any player can use. Their organization led them to begin making lots of cash from the land-based casinos beginning in 1979 and continuing for decades. The basic card counting system used involved tracking the high and low cards in one's mind and basing further moves on the count. If a number of high cards were already dealt, the odds dictated that small cards were to come, and betting amounts were adjusted accordingly. Before casinos decided to oust some of the players, millions of dollars were made at several different casinos around North America.

Employing anything from basic strategy to more advanced methods can increase a player's odds of winning real money online

Despite the actions of land-based casinos, though, card counting is not illegal. It is simply a strategy that can be used to gain an edge on the game. This system and others can be used in online blackjack games as well because online casinos are required to deal based on deck sizes and random number generators. This ensures fairness. If card counting is successful in live casinos, it can be in online blackjack for real money as well. Employing anything from basic strategy to more advanced methods can increase a player's odds of winning money online, and the best players do it all the time. And it was some of those players who helped us pick the best sites to recommend for you.

What Is The House Edge In Blackjack?

The house has an edge in all 21 style games; that is a fact with every casino game that is played against the house. However, online blackjack players using even the most basic strategy have more of an edge than in any other house casino game because of the odds inherent in the planned approach. Basic strategy is a list of hands on which to hit, stay, double, or split. Games in which the dealer hits on soft 17 alter those rules slightly. Both charts, detailing each hand and the strategy for it, can be found on any blackjack website. The house still maintains a slight edge with basic strategy, but less so if players adhere strictly to it. Best Odds To Win At Blackjack

Winning is easier when you have assurance that the site on which you play was hand-picked by professional blackjack players.

Players can increase their odds of winning real money playing online blackjack by adjusting their strategies for single-deck games versus multi-deck games. The composition-dependent strategy, for example, reduces the house edge when players use the card counting point total and the dealer's visible card. Players will hit certain hands more often based on their counts, and hitting becomes safer than in other situations. Using full high/low card counting helps players and greatly increases their chances to win real money when playing online blackjack.

Using various blackjack strategies combined with our recommendations for the best real money online blackjack websites in the business, your odds automatically increase. Winning is easier when you have assurance that the site on which you play was hand-picked by professional blackjack players. The sites listed here offer the best odds, most payouts for their players, and best chances for players of all skill levels to make money.

What Should I Look For In A Blackjack Site?

The reviews team prepares its shortlists by rating Canada's biggest blackjack casinos for certain categories. This guarantees that our players will be heading to sites that can deliver on all the areas important to players. Here is what you should be looking out for in a top online blackjack site:

  1. Blackjack Variations - Alongside the European and American variants you should be able to find Blackjack Switch, Atlantic City, Double Attack, Multi-Hand, Pontoon and Super Fun 21. Online blackjack sites will have the latest software from the biggest games makers, ensuring you get a fast, smooth blackjack experience.
  2. Bonuses and promotions - Before you hit the gaming tables you want to make sure the site has rewarded you for making your first deposit. Ideally you'll receive a match deposit bonus at 100% or 200%, and one that pays out on a substantial deposit amount. You also need to make sure that the bonus can be used on the online blackjack games you want to play, and that the site will keep your bankroll topped up with weekly and monthly promotions and loyalty programmes.
  3. Mobile games and apps - in 2024 you want an online blackjack site that any smartphone or tablet can play via a browser, and that's at the very least. A dedicated Android or iOS blackjack app is the best solution for mobile gamers wanting to try out their skills on their Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or iPad.
  4. Flexible, secure banking - All of the sites here have been checked for Canada's most popular online payment methods. From Visa and MasterCard through to eCheck and Skrill, you want to make your transactions your way, with a swift process at the cashier. The top online blackjack sites will process payments in hours rather than days, and use top level 128 bit SSL encryption to keep your details safe.
  5. Canadian customer support - when you need help you want the helpdesk to keep the same hours as you. With most of the online blackjack sites running their live chat and hotlines 24/7, that won't be a problem. Whatever you need, the best Canadian blackjack sites will keep things moving so you can concentrate on your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's easier than ever for Canadians to play online blackjack for real money. Learn where and how to get started, as well as what the trusted sites for Canadians are, here in this reference of answers to frequently asked questions.

Can I play for real money in Canada?
Absolutely! It's easier than ever for Canadians to play on safe, secure sites for real money. Start playing on our list of best sites for Canadians today.
How do I start?
It's easy to get started playing online blackjack or other casino games. After choosing a site, download and install the software, and register for an account. Choose from several accepted deposit options, and then start playing! You can also get started by playing for nothing. Check out our free blackjack games page and practice now!
Do most casinos accept Canadian Dollars?
The top sites accept at least half a dozen payment options, which include a choice of currencies that you can make deposits with, including Canadian dollars.
How fast are casino payouts?
Casino payouts and withdrawal policies vary, so check with each site to discover details. The fastest payouts can come when you use eWallet programs like Neteller and ClickandBuy, because your bank info being on file makes transferring money quick and easy.
Should I make use of bonuses?
Capitalize on bonuses to make playing even more exciting! Sign-up bonuses will not only get you started playing your favorite online blackjack games fast, they can often double your initial investment by matching your initial deposit. Playing on a site long-term often entitles you to loyalty bonuses to give you everything from free rounds of play to accruing points to even more money to play. Bonuses vary, so check the individual site for details.
Are there any real money casino apps?
Definitely! Whether you have an iPad or iPhone, Blackberry, Windows or Android phone, you can play blackjack and other favorite casino games for real money or for free on the go through your mobile device. Check out our list of the top mobile blackjack apps to get started playing today.