Online Casino Blackjack Reviews: Only The Best Will Do

If you’re looking for blackjack site reviews you can trust, you’ve come to the right place. You’ll find all the best places for Canadians to play online blackjack here, so you’ll never land up on a boring site ever again.

100% Independent Blackjack Reviews

The way we complete online casino reviews guarantees that our readers get the best site recommendations.

We're a completely independent company and that means we say what we think about blackjack sites. No gambling site can pay us in exchange for a good review. The only way to make it onto our list of the best blackjack sites is to give players in Canada an awesome online blackjack experience.

What We Look For In Blackjack Sites

Safety and Security

Safe Blackjack Sites

This is the cornerstone of all online blackjack action. If you're worrying about whether the site you're playing on is safe then your head won't be in the game. It's OK though because we can give you absolute piece of mind by thoroughly researching each blackjack site and eliminating the shady, unsafe ones.

One of the biggest things we look for to prove the safety of a site, is whether its licensed and regulated by any official industry body. All trusted online gambling providers are examined regularly by investigators to make sure no criminal activity is taking place.

It's also important that a blackjack site always encrypts your personal information. This means that even if your private details somehow land up in a scammer's hand, the information is so jumbled that nobody can untangle and unencrypt it. The data is useless and you remain completely safe and protected.

Game Selection

If you want to play the simple classic Blackjack or 21 game, then sure it's out there on the Internet but there are a whole heap of other exciting blackjack variations to try out too.

When we're reviewing a blackjack site, it isn't enough for there to be one or two games available. What we expect to see are live versions, multiplayer blackjack, and progressive jackpot blackjack.

Also, just because you go to a site for its blackjack, that doesn't mean you don't want to ever play any other casino games. That's why we look at the wider selection of casino games available on blackjack sites as well.

Video Poker, Baccarat, Casino Wars and even roulette and slots can add a bit of spice and variety to your Internet gaming and when the games are high quality, they're so much more fun.

Customer Support

Blackjack customer support

Almost every kind of Canadian blackjack player needs Customer Support at some point. Whether you're a pro grinder making a living out of playing at the virtual blackjack tables or you're a beginner trying to work out how to withdraw your first winnings, the customer care team should be on hand to help.

All the blackjack sites we've named as the best places to play have their own dedicated player support teams who are available 24/7 – even on Christmas Day.

Plus, loads of the blackjack websites we recommend have actually been awarded with prizes for their super helpful and friendly customer care.


One of the biggest pulls for blackjack has always been the fact that it's a game of skill. That means that theoretically if you play ideal blackjack strategy on every hand, you'll land up with a profit.

There's no point in you researching and testing the perfect blackjack strategies if the deck's stacked against you, though. That's why it's great to know that you can be completely certain that all our recommended blackjack sites are fair and random.

All our best blackjack sites are regulated and inspected by the most respected gambling authorities in the world. The sites must pass regular testing designed to catch out fixed casinos and the ones with less than honest blackjack decks.

What's great about our blackjack site reviews is that we'll only ever declare a site safe once we're sure that their regulation certificates are genuine and we've researched the business operations behind the site.

Take A Rest, We’ll Take You To The Best…

Now you know how we manage to make sure our top blackjack sites are constantly the best on the Internet, it’s time to think about trying one out. Have a look at our online casino reviews and most recommended sites and get ready to have your mind blown by online blackjack!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the casinos compare?

Not all online casinos are alike. There are many things that go into determining what makes a casino great and what makes them lackluster or even roguish. Fortunately, we've only recommended those that meet our high standard of excellence.

What should I look for in a good site?

The first thing to look for is evidence of a license and regulations. Then check to see that it’s being independently audited for RNG. Next, look for game variety as these is often of the most important factor when it comes to enjoying your time at an online blackjack site.

Do they offer the same variations of blackjack?

Not all online casinos offer the same variations of blackjack. If you wish to play a particular variety, peruse the sites and try playing for free until you are sure the casino has all you are looking for.

How do the winning opportunities compare?

The winning opportunities largely depend on the variety of blackjack that you've chosen to play, as well as how many decks of cards are being used. The actually online casino that you're playing at can also influence your winning opportunities as some have significantly higher RTP% - return to player percentages.

Do they all offer CAD deposits and withdrawals?

Yes, every online casino we recommend is perfect for Canadian players. Allowing online banking in Canadian Dollars means that you don't need to worry about any conversion fees. Most sites also offer deposits and withdrawals in USD.

Are they trustworthy?

Yes, we recommend only the best online blackjack casinos available to Canadian players. We apply a very strict evaluation when we're consider a new casino. Our team of experts are not only blackjack players, they happen to have over 25 years of experience vetting sites.