Play Online Blackjack on your iPad

Play Blackjack on your iPad

Online gamers who want the convenience of mobile with the functionality of a desktop opt for the iPad. The Apple device is huge, and casinos are all too happy to optimise their sites and provide apps for online blackjack gamers hungry to get playing with their tablets.

On this page we explain:

  • What online blackjack iPad and tablet gaming is all about
  • The key technical features that make online blackjack better on your iPad
  • The advantages that iPad blackjack gamers can enjoy
  • How to play on a tablet with an easy to follow checklist
  • Any lasting issues you may have in our FAQ section

trumps the Blackjack game in terms of Ipad optimisation, and has excellent support to boot. That being said, all our recommended sites are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

The Top Real Money Online Blackjack Sites In 2024

iPad blackjack allows players to play when they want, where they want with a crisp user interface, single touch action, and a great selection of blackjack variations.

The Rise Of iPad Blackjack Gaming In Canada

When it comes to virtual casino gaming in Canada, online blackjack sites for iPad are now starting to dominate the market. Because Apple's flagship tablet is now the perfect blend of mobility and functionality, iPad gaming is now coming into its own and that means the range of provisions that are available for online blackjack fans is now hitting an all-time high.

In the timeline of online blackjack, tablet products are the latest in a long line of innovations. iPads are now as powerful as desktop computers but as portable as the smallest smartphones, and this means the popularity of the medium has hit new highs in recent months. Naturally, the top Canadian online casinos have spotted this trend and responded appropriately.

Through a combination of more games, bigger bonuses and greater all-round packages, iPad online blackjack providers have made their products a must for players of all persuasions. Indeed, following the markers of success outlined by the leading iPhone platforms, iPad blackjack developers have made their games as accessible, affordable and potentially profitable as possible using a range of features.

From micro betting limits and dedicated iPad blackjack bonuses, to a greater range of games and features, iPad blackjack sites are now taking the way in which Canadian casino players enjoy the game to new levels.

What is iPad Blackjack?

Blackjack iPad Gaming

iPad blackjack platforms are now the new vogue within the virtual casino world, but there must be a reason for this, right? To really understand the nuances of iPad casino gaming and to make the most of the medium, you need to breakdown the basics. Fortunately, we're here to do that for you with a quick overview of iPad blackjack basics:

Larger Interface: In comparison to iPhone blackjack, iPad gaming takes place on a much larger interface. Whether it's an iPad mini (200 mm × 134.7 mm × 7.2 mm) or the standard iPad (242.8 mm x 189.7 mm x 13.4 mm), the size of the playing area is much larger when you play online blackjack on a tablet. Moreover, thanks to the iPad's upgraded graphics engine, the overall quality of these games is far better than iPhone and even online games.

Apps & Sites: In Canada, some operators have created iPad apps while others have made mobile-optimised sites. iPad blackjack apps will give you quicker access to your favourite games, while dedicated tablet sites will offer a greater depth and breadth of games.

Intuitive Touch: iPad blackjack sites allow users to scroll through bets and take on the dealer using a single touch. Instead of moving a mouse pointer around the screen and clicking buttons, tablet players can simply point and touch which is a far more intuitive process than using an intermediary between your hand and the interface.

Greater Range of Games: Because iPad blackjack sites have come into their own in recent years, the range of games has always been strong. While it was once true that early iPhone apps lacked a broad range of games, iPad products are at the end of the evolution chain and that means there are more games on offer when you ante-up today. Indeed, whether it's blackjack surrender, Atlantic City blackjack or bonus blackjack, all variants of the game are now available for iPad blackjack players in Canada.

Why iPads are Great for Blackjack

iPad devices are now the go-to medium for online blackjack players, but why is this the case? While it's easy to say that we believe this is true because the majority of Canadians are now using this medium, we're all about transparency at So, to give you an insight into why iPads are great for blackjack, here's our quick overview:

iPad Blackjack

Accessibility: Playing online blackjack via your iPad is infinitely more accessible than any other form of the game. Because you can effectively take the game anywhere you want, it means you can always ante-up, play a few hands and make some money without affecting your daily life.

Betting Limits: In comparison to live blackjack inside Canada's largest casinos, tablet blackjack is more affordable for everyone. When you check out our recommended iPad platforms you'll be able to place bets from as little as $0.10 which should make it an accessible option for punters of all persuasions.

Rinse and Repeat: Online blackjack developers have been given the luxury of a larger interface when designing apps for iPads and this means they've been able to create a greater range of items. One of the most important is the repeat bet buttons. By having the ability to repeat bets with a single click, you can earn more playing via you iPad.

Single, Don't Mingle: The majority of iPad online blackjack games are single player which means you can race through more bets per hour. By not having to wait for others to make a move, you can ante-up at your own pace and win at your own rate.

Interaction: The final innovation in the iPad blackjack world is live dealer games. Through a combination of HD video links, RFID technology and some highly trained dealers, it's now possible to ante-up in a live virtual setting and race to 21 using your iPad.

How to Play Blackjack on your iPad

To play online blackjack via your iPad and get the most bang for your buck, there are a few simple steps you need to follow. To ensure you follow these steps without deviation, we've outlined them below for your convenience:

  • First check out our mobile online blackjack hub on
  • Read through our list of top online blackjack sites for Canadian players and see which review tickles your fancy.
  • Follow our dedicated blackjack link and create your first account at one of our recommended blackjack sites.
  • Make your first deposit and then navigate to the site's mobile platform using your iPad.
  • If there is an app to download then do that. If not, check out the mobile site and start playing your favourite game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile casinos boast a number of advantages in addition to secure gaming and an optimal experience. Before you play blackjack with your iPhone or iPad, there are a few things you'll want to know about. The following are some of our most common questions asked by Canadian players, and their respective answers.

Are the iPhone and iPad good platforms to play on?
Of course! Tech-savvy Canadians know that playing their favorite blackjack and other online casino games shouldn't be limited to their laptops. And the apps to play casino games on your Apple device use the best graphics, so you can have a fantastic, secure experience.
Will I use a lot of data when playing with my iPad?
No. The casinos we recommend use state-of-the-art software which should not cause excessive amounts of data accumulation. As long as you have a newer model, iPad blackjack apps should operate smoothly without running up memory, CPU, or data. On average, if you're playing on a mobile network, you will likely use a KB or less per hand. If you're concerned about data usage, make sure you have a sufficient package or secure Wi-Fi connection before you start playing.
Will my iPad be compatible with the latest blackjack apps?
If your device and OS is up to date then you should be fine playing any of our recommended blackjack games.
Can I make deposits and withdrawals using my iPad?
You can deposit with most popular methods through blackjack apps and mobile sites.
Are there any bonuses for iPad players?
There are additional iPad bonuses for players so keep your eyes open.
Can I have an online account and a mobile account?
Create an online account first using one of our accounts to sign in to your mobile account.