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Online Blackjack Bonus Guide

The biggest advantage that online casinos offer to players over a live casino is a lucrative welcome bonus. For blackjack players, bonuses have historically been difficult to unlock. Fortunately, over the last year, online casinos have realized that there are a lot of online blackjack players out there that want to cash in on bonuses and have updated their terms to make it much easier to receive one when joining a casino online. Let's take a look at how welcome bonuses work, how blackjack bonuses are unlocked, and the ways blackjack players can take advantage of bonuses.

Blackjack players can read on to discover more about:

  • Why you should be interested in welcome bonuses
  • How they're redeemed
  • The importance behind comparing sign up bonuses

How They Work

Some of the top online blackjack sites are offering $1,000 welcome bonuses, with some as high as $10,000.

Whenever players sign up at a reputable online casino, they will be awarded a welcome bonus that will be tagged to their account. The amount will vary from casino to casino, as will the terms for unlocking the bonus. Some are meant specifically for one type of game, such as slots, poker or blackjack. Other casinos will specialize in bonuses specifically catered to just blackjack players. Generic offers might not be easily unlocked by playing any variation of blackjack because they were modelled after players who play other games, like slots.

Bonuses are assigned to players whenever they sign up for a new site. By signing up through one of our recommended online blackjack casinos, players will ensure themselves of not just a juicy bonus, but also the security in knowing they are playing at a reputable casino.

Clear instructions are given on our pages that inform players to click a specific link and enter in a specific promotional code when prompted. This flags the new user's account for the posted bonus, which may not be available to the general public. Making sure you click the right link and enter in the proper code will always guarantee the best bonuses will be assigned to your account.

How Blackjack Bonuses Are Unlocked

Welcome blackjack bonus

Typically, a casino will offer a cashable bonus tied to a wagering requirement, which is also referred to in some cases as a rollover requirement. This is normally done as a multiplier against the amount they are offering to players. For example, if their wagering requirement is "20x the bonus" and the bonus offered was $250, it would mean that a player would need to wager $5,000 to receive the bonus.

This can be done by playing any level of bet at a blackjack table, be it for $1 a hand or $500. After the player has made the appropriate amount of wagers, the cashable bonus is unlocked and available in their cashier balance. A "sticky bonus" is a different type, such that the funds received via this method are not eligible to be withdrawn and only used to place more wagers.

How Blackjack Players Can Take Advantage

Some of our top blackjack sites regularly offer a lucrative $1,000 bonus at a 25x requirement. This would require you to wager a total of $25,000 to receive the $1,000 bonus. If your regular bet amount per hands is $10, this would require you to play 2,500 hands of blackjack. An average online blackjack player can easily get in 50 hands per hour, which means that 2,500 hands at 50 hands per hour would be achieved in just 50 hours of play.

Welcome bonus

Remember, if a player plays optimal blackjack, the house edge is about one-half to one percent. Assuming that edge, players would be well ahead with their bankroll once they unlock the bonus, even if they showed a slight negative deviation from the norm while playing.

To illustrate this point, let's use some simple math...

1% of $2,500 is $25. Let's say you went "cold" and lost twice that amount. Your bankroll would be reduced by $50, down to $2,450. However, your bonus would be unlocked and credited to your account, and your balance would then be $3,450. Not bad for a player that "went cold" and was a "loser" over a few thousand hands of blackjack.

This example shows how extremely lucrative online bonuses are to experienced blackjack players.Find a great welcome bonus at one of our recommended Canadian blackjack sites now.

Frequently Asked Questions

Online casinos promise fabulous welcome bonuses to Canadians as a sign up incentive. Uncover any mysteries about how these work with this list of answers to common questions.

What makes a good bonus?
One of your highest priorities in choosing an online casino should be getting the best bonus possible. First, look for a high percentage return on your initial deposit. But you don't always have to deposit money to get one, as some casinos offer promotions with no deposit as an incentive to try them out before you commit. Make sure that you sign up through our recommended online casinos to ensure a secure exchange with a fantastic bonus.
What are bonus codes?
Codes are a series of numbers, symbols and letters that online casinos give for you to redeem bonuses for a certain value. You'll find clear instructions on our pages for how to enter the promotional code when prompted so you can ensure you're getting the best bonuses assigned to your account.
Are they only available to new players?
Welcome bonuses are available only to new players in online casinos, but the bonuses don't end there. Most of the casinos have offers for continued play (called exclusive or loyalty bonuses) and more when you earn the title of "VIP".
What is the best bonus strategy?
Your best strategy is all about getting the most for your deposits. Look at how much time you spend playing and how long it may take for you to earn a bonus, and then check out our list of recommended online casinos to see what works best for you.