Making Deposits In A Bank Or Wire Transfer Blackjack Casino Online

Bank Transfer DepositBy far the most secure way of topping up your online blackjack account, wire and bank transfer blackjack casinos in Canada are great for players who don't like to use online banking or ewallet methods. But increased security does come at a hefty price tag. None the less here's what you stand to gain if you choose to wage in a wire or bank transfer blackjack online casino:

  • The safest way to deposit money online and protect your personal data
  • Professionally handled money transfers that hit your account in days
  • Great real money bonuses for using wire or bank transfer to add funds
  • Peace of mind that your hard earned real cash is 100% safe
  • Payments that leave your account instantly and update in real time

While bank or wire transfer blackjack casinos are less common throughout Canada, Canadians who prefer to deposit using this old school method can still play at one of our top rated online blackjack casinos accepting Canadian players.

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The Best Wire and Bank Transfer Blackjack Casinos Online

Once upon a time all money used to get moved using wire or bank transfer, but with the advent of the internet and the subsequent evolution of ewallet and online banking methods, making deposits using bank or wire transfer became less commonplace. But, this once dominant money transferring method still prevails, and for some Canadians who are wary of online safety, wire or bank transfer is the only way they'd consider making a payment or topping up an account online.

The reason wire or bank transfer blackjack casinos exist at all is to satisfy this type of security conscious player. After all, bank and wire transfer is beyond a shadow of doubt the safest way to move money about online.

To make a payment using this method players need to first physically visit their account branch and with the help of an in-branch advisor nominate the amount of money they'd like to send wirelessly or by bank transfer to the online blackjack casino of their choosing. Note, in order to use this deposit method, you'll need to have already opened an account with one of our top rated wire and bank transfer blackjack online casinos as the cashier will require the details of the account you wish to send money to in order to process the transaction.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the wireless bank transfer deposit method however is the delay players experience in their real money hitting their blackjack casino account. Wire and bank transfers are subject to take days to process, so we don't recommend this method for Canadians whose main priority is speed above all else.

Get Playing For Real Cash In A Wire And Bank Transfer Blackjack Casino

Blackjack - Bank Transfer Deposit

If delayed payment times aren't an issue for you, then there's one other noteworthy thing to mention about making deposits in a wire and bank transfer blackjack casino online and that's the service fees that moving money using this method is subject to. While exact transaction fees obviously vary from bank to bank, in all cases fees for making a deposit in a bank or wire transfer blackjack casino online are considerably higher than using instant banking or ewallet methods.

On top of this, some casinos will also impose a fee for using a bank or wire transfer to make a deposit, so you could find yourself stung not once but twice when you elect to top up your bankroll in this way. If money is no object and online safety is your number one concern then bank transfer or wire transfer is definitely going to offer you the most secure way of making a real money deposit.

However, if you're one of the majority of Canadians who want to avoid high transaction fees then sending money to your blackjack casino account online using bank or wire transfer is probably not the most cost effective option for you. Prepaid cards offer an equally high level of security online, as they don't link to any of your personal details, so for a secure method without through the roof costs, we recommend you check out our page on prepaid Visa and MasterCard's before making a final decision on bank and wire transfer blackjack casinos to play at.


From security concerns to fee queries, our FAQ's cover off all the most commonly asked questions our readers want to know the answers to when considering getting started in an online bank and wire transfer blackjack casino.

What is a wire or bank transfer?

A bank transfer or wire transfer is a way of sending money directly from your bank account to a payee.

How does it actually work?

It requires you to make a visit to your bank branch and request to make a wire or bank transfer. You'll be asked for the details of the account holder you want the money to go to and also the amount you want to send.

Can I top up funds in my online casino account using this method?

In most cases yes but we have heard reports of some players experiencing difficulties in getting their bank to agree to sending a wire transfer to an online casino account. The best thing to do, before you open an account online with a blackjack casino in Canada is visit your banks website and have a read-up on the T&C's in regards to making wire or bank transfers. Failing that contact customer service or make a visit in branch to discuss your needs face-to-face.

Are there any fees for making a wire or bank transfer?

Yes there are and these are normally substantially higher than with any other type of deposit or payment method. Banks do impose a hefty charge for making transfers wirelessly so be prepared to pay a high usage fee for the privilege of having your funds deposited to your casino account this way.

Is it a safe way to send money?

Absolutely. Without a doubt a bank or wire transfer is the safest way to deposit funds to your online casino account in Canada.

How does it compare to other deposit methods?

It's not as easy or quick as most other deposit methods. Instead of showing up in your account instantly, deposits made by bank or wire transfer take days to register so you'll have to wait each time you want to add funds to your bankroll. Also, the transaction fees for using bank or wire transfer are considerably high, in some cases ten times more than with ewallet and instant payment methods, so you should expect to pay more for sending money via wire or bank transfer. That said, no other method can guarantee the safety that sending money wirelessly via this deposit method offers. When it comes to security, bank or wire transfer is as safe and protected as it gets.