Making A Deposit In An EntroPay BlackJack Casino Online

Remember how in the 21st century everything was going to be virtual? Well, welcome to EntroPay, the online way to make payments and add funds to your blackjack casino account virtually using a prepaid Visa card. EntroPay issues its users with a virtual version of this popular payment card guaranteeing Canadians who sign up to an EntroPay Blackjack Casino online: EntroPay Blackjack Deposit

  • Payments accepted in any online blackjack casino that accepts Visa
  • No credit checks to qualify - open an account regardless of your history.
  • Prepaid only cards so you can never exceed your spending limits
  • State of the art security to keep you and your money safe online
  • Instant payments without divulging your sensitive personal details

EntroPay is accepted at all of our reviwers' top blackjack casinos in Canada so if you're looking for a quick and easy way to start playing with real money today register with one of our recommended EntroPay casinos now.

The Top Real Money Online Blackjack Sites In 2024

The Best EntroPay Real Money Blackjack Casinos in Canada

EntroPay is an online payment method that issues Canadians who opt in to the service with a virtual visa card. What this means is that once you've signed-up and opened a new account with EntroPay you'll receive an electronic visa card that you'll be able to use to make purchases and add funds to your blackjack casino account online. Not only is this card 100% virtual, so there's no danger of it being stolen and used fraudulently, it's also prepaid only, so by using it online your personal details remain completely safe and secure.

EntroPay Online Banking

Getting started at EntroPay is simply a case of registering for an account and linking one of your existing payment cards or bank details so you have a means of transferring funds onto your prepaid virtual Visa. This means your details remain at all times with EntroPay and are never shared with any third parties when you use your virtual Visa to make a payment. This is where EntroPay's online safety comes into play, as its security encryption software is truly state of the art so while your details are registered in EntroPay's system you have no cause for concern when it comes to your personal data being safe.

What's more because your virtual visa is prepaid only you can never exceed the amount that's loaded onto the card. It's up to you to top it up when you've spent the balance, which you can do at a click of a button when you're logged in online to your EntroPay account. The balance you nominate is then instantly transferred to the virtual visa card and you can begin using it immediately to add funds to your online blackjack account to your hearts content. Safe in the knowledge your persona details will never be shared.

Play With Real Money At An EntroPay Casino Online In Canada Today

There are a whole host of blackjack casinos online accepting EntroPay Virtual Visas as payment so getting started playing for real cash is just a cash of registering with one of our recommended top EntroPay casinos for Canadian blackjack players. EntroPay doesn't conduct any credit checks so no matter what your current credit score or past history when it comes to credit and debit cards, you'll have no trouble signing up to the scheme and getting yourself issued with one of EntroPay's prepaid virtual Visas.

Once you've topped up your account with the nominated prepaid balance of your choice (remember this is real money that will deduct from your actual bank account in real time) then you can begin using your prepaid virtual EntroPay Visa to deposit funds to your online blackjack casino account. The balance you transfer will show up instantly so there'll be no delay in getting started playing for real Canadian dollars with EntroPay as your selected deposit method. Leaving you to focus on your blackjack strategy without any worries about needing to top up your bankroll quickly when you're on a winning streak.

So what are you waiting for? Registering with EntroPay is quick, easy and 100% hassle free. You could be playing for real money in a top EntroPay blackjack casino in as little as minutes when you sign-up to one of our recommended sites as road tested by our expert reviews panel. And they're not an easy bunch to impress!


Want to be sure you're 100% clued in when it comes to playing in an EntroPay blackjack casino online in Canada? No worries! Our FAQ's will tell you everything you need to know about blackjack casinos online that accept EntroPay as a payment method.

What exactly is EntroPay?

EntroPay is a virtual prepaid visa card that you can use to make payments online.

How does it work?

Just the same as a regular Visa debit card. You just enter the card details printed on the front of the card to make a payment. You just need to transfer funds from your bank account to your virtual visa so you have a balance on the card.

Does EntroPay allow online casino payments?

Definitely. There are tons of great EntroPay casinos out there to play blackjack at in Canada. All of the casinos on our top rated blackjack casino list accept EntroPay deposits.

Are there any fees for using it?

Yes there are. Currently the charge for uploading funds to your virtual visa on EntroPay is 4.95% while to receive funds EntroPay charges a service fee of 1.95%. There's also a 2% fee if you want to exchange foreign currency. It's worth checking the fees page on EntroPay's website for the most up to date fee info.

How does it compare to other payment methods?

It's vastly similar to having a physical prepaid Visa or prepaid MasterCard as it offers you the same anonymity while still being able to deposit funds to your online casino account. It's worth comparing the fees for these three prepaid card operators to see which is the most competitive if this sounds like the payment method for you.

Are my details safe with EntroPay?

Yes absolutely. EntroPay has stringent and state of the art security to keep your personal details encrypted at all times. Plus it never shares your information with third parties when you make a payment using the prepaid virtual visa it issues you with.