Blackjack Casinos Online Accepting iDebit In Canada

With the ability to make instant transfers to your online blackjack casino account using a safe and reliable method that has been embraced by every major banking institution in Canada, iDebt offers Canadian a safe and fast way to make deposits online. This high-speed and secure payment method guarantees: iDebit Online Banking

  • None of your personal data will ever be shared or revealed
  • Transfers take place in minutes so funds are instantly available
  • Supported by all major banks in Canada
  • Great bonuses for Canadians who deposit using iDebit
  • Round the clock customer support 24/7

Because iDebit is such a popular and widely accepted method of making payments in Canada there are a wealth of casinos that offer this method of making deposits. We're here to talk about the best of them. The ones that give Canadian players all or the above and loads more besides.

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The Best Blackjack iDebit Casinos Online

Canadians are among the highest percentage of iDebit blackjack casino users the world over, and it's no great surprise considering the overwhelming level of public support Canadian banks have attributed to using iDebit. So if you do elect to play blackjack for real money at an iDebit casino online in Canada, not only will you be in good company but you'll also benefit from all the perks this instant banking method online offers.

One of the reasons that banks and Canadian players have taken iDebit to their hearts is the high level of security it offers its users. Because iDebit retains all of its users information in-house, you'll never have to worry about sensitive data being openly disclosed to a third party. So you can use iDebit to top up funds in your casino account safe in the knowledge that the casino itself will never have access to your personal information.

The other great benefit of making a transaction online in this way is the speed of service it offers. They don't call it instant banking for nothing. When you enlist iDebit to make a payment, all it takes is a click of a button for that transfer to complete. You won't be waylaid filling in forms or having to input your credit or debit card information each time you want to top up your blackjack bankroll online. iDebt stores your personal info in a secure account and once funds have been released they'll literally show up in your online iDebit casino account in an instant. Allowing you to get on with the important task of playing your favourite casino game for the chance to net some real cash .

iDebit Online Banking

Play Real Money BlackJack Online In An Instant.

Getting started playing for real money in an iDebit Blackjack casino online is as quick and easy as making a payment with this instant banking method. All it takes is a simple account registration, which you can do by visiting iDebit's homepage and you're on your way to making instant deposits into your online casino account. It's free to sign-up, and as an extra security measure you'll be required to confirm the account details of the bank you link to your iDebit account in order to verify your identity. Once you've completed these steps you can start using iDebit immediately to deposit funds into your blackjack online casino account. The amount you choose to transfer will hit your account instantly so this method is great for Canadians who want to get started playing for real money in an online blackjack casino straight off the bat.

Just register with one of our recommended top rated iDebit blackjack casinos, and select iDebit as your default deposit method. You'll now be able to make direct payments to your online casino account simply by logging in to your iDebit account and nominating the amount you want to play with. Plus, Canadians who sign-up to play in one of our best reviewed iDebit blackjack casinos will also be eligible to collect a handsome bonus just for opening an account, so be sure you read-up on the fantastic choice of incentives on offer to new players before making your decision about which blackjack iDebit casino to play at.


Think you're in the know when it comes to playing in an iDebit blackjack casino online in Canada? Our FAQ's will cover off all the crucial info when it comes to starting out with this secure and instant deposit method.

What actually is iDebit?

iDebit is a form of instant payment where you create an account and send money online at a click of a button simply by logging into the system.

How does iDebit work?

Once you've registered for an iDebit account (free and quick to do by visiting iDebit's website) you'll need to link a bank account or payment card to your iDebit account in order to make payments online. iDebit works by sending the money to the recipient, but never sharing any of your personal data with them.

Can I use iDebit to make transactions to an online casino?

Yes absolutely. Providing the blackjack casino online you've registered with accepts iDebit as a deposit method you can use it to top up your account.

Will there be any fees to pay for using iDebit?

iDebit does charge for using its service but the fees are less than you'll encounter with similar instant payment and ewallet providers. For the latest fee info it's best to read up on this directly on iDebits account.

How does iDebit compare with other payment methods?

It's less expensive to send and receive money using iDebit compared to other instant and ewallet platforms so comparatively it offers Canadians a better deal in terms of retaining more of their real money. It doesn’t divulge any personal data about its users either so in terms of security it's on a par with long established internet based payment schemes such as Citadel and EcoPayz.

Does iDebit keep my personal details secure?

Absolutely. iDebit never reveals any of your personal information to third parties so Canadians who use this method can rest assured their details are 100% safe.