Best Windows Phone Online Blackjack Sites

There's something about online blackjack Windows Phone games that we love. Maybe it's because the tile UI of Windows phone looks a bit like a deck of cards. Maybe because tapping one of those tiles reminds us of tapping the felt to signal to the dealer that we want another card. Or maybe because the online blackjack Windows Phone experience is just really, really good.


If you're a Windows Phone user and you haven't played online blackjack on your Windows Phone mobile device, now's the time to tap over to an online casino and give it a try. Most of the best Canada online blackjack casinos work on Windows Phone, but not all of them offer an amazing experience. Before you play, keep reading to discover everything you need to know about playing online blackjack Windows Phone games.

By reading through our website, you will find online casinos that offer:

  • Only the very best free and paid online blackjack games for Canadians
  • The top bonuses and jackpots in Canada
  • Very fast deposit and payout methods

We agree provides the best blackjack experience on Windows phones, with a massive selection of games that is hard to parallel, although some of our recommended sites do.

How to play online Blackjack Windows Phone games

Windows Phone users no longer need to be relegated to their desktops or laptops thanks to specialty software designed just for you.

It's no secret that Windows Phone doesn't exactly have the largest market share. Microsoft was pretty late to the smartphone party, originally launching Windows Phone just a few short years ago and several years after Apple and Google cornered the market. But still, Windows Phone is great. And having fun playing at the online blackjack Windows Phone tables is pretty fantastic.

Unfortunately, if you're looking to download a Blackjack online Windows Phone app from the Microsoft Store, that's not the way it works. Most of the CAD real cash casinos have focused their app developing efforts on the big players.

But don't worry. Online Blackjack Windows Phone casinos are still easily accessible. All the casinos that we recommend have created Windows Phone-optimized Blackjack tables that work seamlessly through the web. That means there's no special app to download, so you can save your gigabytes for other types of apps.

Why You'll Love Blackjack On Your Windows Phone

Blackjack Windows Phone games
  • Online blackjack doesn't take up a lot of room, so it works perfectly on Windows Phone screens of all sizes
  • The top online blackjack Windows Phone casinos also offer slot machines, video poker, and other table games.
  • You can play for real money or for free if you're short on funds.
  • All you need is an Internet connection to connect to the Blackjack Windows Phone tables.
  • It works on WiFi or through a data plan connection.

What Canadian Players Need To Know

Before you jump over to just any online blackjack Windows Phone site, take a look at your mobile phone data plan. Whether you're with Rogers, Bell, Telus, or one of the smaller players, chances are your data plan is between 200mb and 6GB. While 6GB is a lot of data, a few hundred megabytes is not. You could easily burn through all your data in a matter of days playing blackjack online. Windows Phone does a good job of shrinking data usage by optimizing pages, but the constant flow of data back and forth between your phone and the Blackjack servers could see your data usage climb. Try to use a secure WiFi connection when you can.

It's also a good idea to pay attention to exchange rates when you're making a withdrawal or deposit. Remember, while online blackjack Windows Phone casinos accept loonies, Canuck blackjack deposits are sometimes handled in US dollars, so make sure the site you're playing at doesn't overcharge you (the sites we recommend either let you deposit in CAD or charge fair exchange rates).

Best Windows Phone Blackjack Apps

The Best Windows Phone Blackjack Apps

There are a lot of online casinos boasting that they offer online blackjack Windows Phone games. The majority of these casinos just recognize that you're surfing from a Windows Phone and plaster a Microsoft logo on their homepage.

When you try playing from your smartphone, you might be disappointed. To make sure you're playing at a top online blackjack Windows Phone site, use our picks. We've provided links to the top blackjack casinos that work on Windows Phone. Each site has been tested to make sure they offer a superior experience. Use the links now to create your free account and enjoy the fun.

Frequently Asked Questions

Playing online blackjack on your Windows phone has never been easier for Canadian online gamers. You can start playing--and winning--in just minutes. If you've got a question about playing online blackjack on a Windows phone, you'll find the info you need here to get answers fast.

Can I play online blackjack on a Windows phone?

Absolutely! All you need is a data plan on your Windows phone to access the online sites. Just tap your browser, find a site from our list of the top blackjack sites for Windows phones, sign up and play.

What models are supported?

All Windows phone models come equipped with a browser to go online, and that's all you need to play. There's no app to download, so just tap your browser and go online, using your data plan or a Wi-Fi connection. The top blackjack sites for Windows phones have a great experience waiting for you no matter your phone's screen size.

Should I use an app or website?

You can access the best online blackjack sites for Windows phones through the browser on your Windows phone. There's no app to download, and playing is as easy as having an Internet connection or data plan.

What are the best Windows phone games?

Some online blackjack casinos simply put a Microsoft logo on their page and call it good. To make sure you're getting the best experience, use our top picks that work best on a Windows phone.

Do I need a good Internet connection?

Yes. A secure, strong Internet connection is the best way to have an uninterrupted gaming experience.